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Team Grit is the training home for our competitive ninjas!  Led by our most experienced coaches, practice sessions are open to intermediate, advance and elite level ninjas and focus on high-level obstacle training with an emphasis on the strategic aspects of obstacle course racing.  Team Grit members participate in local, regional and national ninja competitions on an individual and team basis.  Ninjas must level onto Team Grit.  If you are interested in joining our team, please reach out to request an evaluation!  

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Instructional Ninja Classes (75-90 minutes)

Skill level classes that will provide a well-rounded training session, with exposure to different obstacles and skills in a progression-based approach.  Class length determined by skill level.  Find your skill level on our Ninja Classes page  

Team Grit Training (90 minutes)

Available only to confirmed competitors for the upcoming WNL and/or NENA seasons.  Practice nights will focus on course run strategy and targeted obstacles/skills that are trending in the current season, with groups based on competition experience and skill level.  Ninjas will also have the opportunity to focus on individual goals.   

Advanced Open Gym/Specialty Clinics (90 minutes)

An opportunity for intermediate and advanced level ninjas to practice independently.  Specialty clinics (e.g., climbing skills, linking/lache work) will also be offered during these sessions.

View Schedule and Register Now

Use the clickable links in the above buttons to register for your class of choice!  If you'd like to search further when in iClass, please choose "Find a Class" and use the various sorting features (age, day, program name) to view all options.


World Ninja League (WNL)

The WNL is the world's leading obstacle course organization, with a mission to grow ninja into a properly regulated sport from the recreational to the professional level.  WNL competitions are hosted nationwide (and internationally) for experienced competitors through the NNL league, which culminates in a final Worlds event!  Beginner level ninjas are encouraged to participate in the rec ninja league.  All WNL competitions are individually scored and based.  Team Grit WNL competitors can view the NNL/RNL season competition schedule, get their Athlete ID and track results and standings on the WNL website.  Coaches will travel to designated competitions throughout the season.  

New England Ninja Association (NENA)

NENA is comprised of a growing number of gyms committed to furthering the sport of ninja and fostering the love of ninja competition.  Based on a team format, Team Grit ninjas will compete by age to earn points for their team in a 2-stage style event.  Team Grit NENA members can track results and standings on the NENA website.

Grit Games

We may have ninjas across NY, NJ and CT, but we are all Team Grit!  This intra-gym league will allow for friendly competition and socialization between members of each Grit gym through various competition formats that include traditional course runs, skills challenges, ninja vs. ninja competitions and more.      

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