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Experience the fun of ninja by enrolling in one of our classes!  Our programs are designed by professional ninjas who have years of experience training, coaching and competing in ninja - you can even see many of them on NBC's show American Ninja Warrior!  Classes are taught in small groups with obstacles that change each week, and are designed to improve overall agility and balance and to build upper body, grip and core strength.


Recreational Ninja Classes

Ninjas in our recreational classes will race through exciting mini courses, play fun ninja games and get lots of exercise on obstacles that change each week! 

Obstacles include: Warped Walls; rings, ropes and monkey bars; rock walls; agility and balance equipment and so much more! 


This class is best suited for beginner-level ninjas who are interested in playing in a structured environment. 

Instructional Ninja Classes

Instructional classes place an emphasis on teaching fundamental skills in progression as ninjas work towards mastering harder obstacles.


Skills include: lache and swinging skills; grip endurance; parkour basics; and advanced agility work and balance technique.  

Ninjas who progress through our skill levels have the opportunity to join Team Grit, our competitive team! 

Preschool Ninja Classes

These ninja style classes for our youngest participants incorporate obstacles with games and songs to get your child moving and playing!    


Ninjas will develop fine and gross motor skills, expand their vocabulary and learn patience, listening skills and cooperation in a fun, safe and structured environment.


Parent supervision may be required.

Parkour Classes

Learn the fundamental skills of jumping, running, rolling and climbing that form the foundation of this unique discipline!  


Ninjas will improve their body awareness, efficiency of movement, balance and flow as they learn the techniques that will help them conquer obstacles. 


Classes available for beginner and intermediate levels.


Classes are 50 minutes long.

Inclusive Ninja Classes

This unique athletic offering is for ninjas of ALL abilities.  We will help your ninja reach their goals and find success on the ninja course in an environment that is inclusive, values individualism and allows all ninjas to feel a sense of accomplishment regardless of the starting point. 


Peer buddies will be on hand to provide extra support if needed. 


All ages welcome.  Parent supervision may be required.  Classes are 45 minutes.

Pre/Teen Ninja Classes

In this class tailored towards ninjas ages 11-16, we put a special emphasis on ninja fitness in a fun and social environment!  Our thoughtful weekly station design will allow ninjas to work on new obstacles and progress their skills at their own pace, under the guidance of our engaging coaches.


No prior ninja experience necessary - all levels welcome!


Classes are 50-75 minutes. 


Academic Year 2023-2024

Use the clickable links in the above buttons to register for your class of choice!  If you'd like to search further when in iClass, please choose "Find a Class" and use the various sorting features (age, day, program name) to view all options.

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