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We are a National Ninja League (NNL) affiliated gym, and will be hosting our 2019 NNL Qualifier competition the weekend of November 23rd and 24th!  The NNL's goal is to promote the sport of ninja and it coordinates competitions at the nation's top ninja facilities.  Athletes of all ages compete at NNL Qualifier competitions and qualifying athletes go on to compete at the annual NNL World Championship.  Read more about the NNL and competition rules here:  www.nationalninja.com.

 Sign-up for our 2019 NNL qualifier is now ready - see below for age division dates and times.  When you register, please make sure you: (1) include your NinjaWorks Athlete ID, and (2) sign our NNL waiver to complete your registration.  Please note that you will need to sign our NNL waiver even if you have visited our gym before.  Don't have a NinjaWorks Athlete ID?  Register with the National Ninja League here.  

We have designed a brand new obstacle course that will challenge ninjas both mentally and physically - you don't want to miss it! 

2019 NNL Qualifier Schedule:

Kids (Ages 6-8) - Sunday, November 24th at 9am

Mature Kids (Ages 9-10) - Sunday, November 24th at 12:30pm (FULL)

Preteens (Ages 11-12) - Sunday, November 24th at 4pm (FULL)

Teens (Ages 13-14) - Saturday, November 23rd at 9am

Young Adults (Ages 15-17) - Saturday, November 23rd at 12pm

Adults (Ages 18+) - Saturday, November 23rd at 12pm and 4pm

Masters (Ages 40+) - Saturday, November 23rd at 12pm and 4pm

*The competitor's division is determined by their age on February 21, 2020.

Registration closes on Thursday, November 21st at 5pm.

  • NNL Competition - Kids (6-8)


  • NNL Competition - Mature Kids (9-10)


  • NNL Competition - Preteens (11-12)


  • NNL Competition - Teens (13-14)


  • NNL Competition - Young Adults (15-17)


  • NNL Competition - Adults (18+) Wave 1


  • NNL Competition - Adults (18+) Wave 2


  • NNL Competition - Masters (40+) Wave 1


  • NNL Competition - Masters (40+) Wave 2



Team Grit is open to competitors ages 6+ who are interested in working on advanced skills and techniques.  Practices will focus on developing overall strength, endurance and conditioning for higher level obstacles and Team Grit competes together in local ninja competitions!  Please contact us if you're interested in learning more.

Team Grit

Monday: 5:30-7pm (9 years old and up)

Tuesday: 5:30-7pm (6-9 years old)

Wednesday: 5:30-7pm (9 years old and up)

Thursday: 5:30-7pm (9 years old and up)