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The health and safety of our staff, students and families has always been our highest priority at the gym - the current health crisis is no different.  We are staying up-to-date on all of the guidelines issued by the federal, state and local government and have adapted our policies to make sure we maintain the highest standards of safety.  Please read the FAQs below to see the changes we have made to our daily operations.  We will revisit these policies on a regular basis and make any changes necessary to meet any new standards, guidelines and best practices that may develop.  We hope these policies provide you with adequate information regarding our policies.  Please know that we plan to keep the atmosphere of the gym kid-friendly and fun - we want all ninjas to be comfortable and happy while training here with us!  

How will social distancing protocols be maintained?

The key to maintaining social distancing while at the gym is by limiting the overall group size and appropriately spacing everyone while on the floor.  With approximately 7,100 total square feet and over 5,000 square feet of gym space (so if we have 25 people on the gym floor, there is 200 square feet a person), we have reimagined our daily operations and we think we can do this successfully and safely.  The biggest changes we have made are to: 1) the overall schedule and group capacity size; 2) arrangement of obstacles and flow of the gym; and 3) check-in/pick-up and other procedures. 


Overall group size management

We have modified our daily schedule to cut back on the number of different occupants in the gym on a given day and have also limited the size of all of our classes.  During class students will be placed in small groups (similar to how we break into groups during our regular classes) that they will stay with throughout their session.  Each group will have an assigned coach that rotates with them throughout the class to limit unnecessary exposure to additional people and ensure that we can properly comply with social distancing and personal hygiene measures (more on these protocols below). 

Distancing while on the obstacles

Groups will be spaced out at different obstacle stations throughout the gym at all times (i.e., group 1 will not use an obstacle next to group 2) – we have built new obstacles and rearranged the floor to make sure there is plenty of space between groups at all times.  Additionally, while at each obstacle station, students will have staggered starting points and we will mark appropriately distanced spots for students to wait their turn.  Staff and students will have minimal contact unless necessary to ensure safety on equipment (more on how we will keep that safe below).

Check-in/pick-up and other procedures

There is often crowding during check-in, at the beginning of class, during water breaks and at pick-up and we are going to streamline and change these critical times in a number of ways.  We do anticipate the parking lot process taking a little longer as we all adjust to the new system, and we appreciate your understanding and patience as we safely reopen the gym!

Check-in: In order to ensure a quick and “contactless” check-in process, all children must be enrolled in class (no “drop-ins”) and necessary enrollment information must be completed online prior to the start of class to the extent possible.  Students are encouraged to be “dropped off” (i.e., no spectators) to limit overall crowd size in the gym.  If drop-off is not possible, we will have a designated waiting area and no more than one adult spectator will be allowed per student.  We know some families may have other children with them at drop-off and staff members will be available to help facilitate the check-in for those students if necessary.  We ask that ninjas please wear masks during the check-in process.   

During class:  Group information will be listed in easy to read places throughout the gym and we will have designated spots for ninjas to leave personal items.  After check-in students will go directly to their assigned groups in designated areas of the gym (i.e., no bleacher play time) and we will have marked spots for them to wait.  We will use these same spots for water and other breaks.

Pick-up: Students will wait in their same designated spots at pick-up.  When parents/caregivers arrive for pick-up we will call students to the front of the gym and ask that you exit straight to your car.  We would love to socialize with all of you but for now we will have to settle on quick hellos and waves!

How are you dealing with hygiene considerations and what measures are you taking?

Maintaining the highest level of hygiene in the gym is a combination of keeping the gym itself clean and maintaining personal hygiene.  Our new protocols make sure that: 1) our equipment and overall facility is regularly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected, and 2) all staff and students follow appropriate personal hygiene measures like washing their hands and wearing masks. 

Cleaning the gym

All equipment and mats will be cleaned and wiped down with an EPA approved disinfectant at the start of each class.  Equipment that is more frequently touched by hands (i.e., upper body and grip stations) will also be disinfected before each obstacle station rotation (so each group will have freshly cleaned equipment prior to starting a station).  Frequently touched surfaces such as: tables, door handles, light switches, phones, keyboards, toilets, and sinks will also be cleaned with an EPA approved disinfectant after each class and more frequently as necessary.  Surfaces that are not touched frequently will be cleaned with soap and water on a regular basis.  In order to maintain air quality we will also be running air purifiers throughout the gym and will keep windows and doors open to improve cross-ventilation. 

Personal hygiene

Keeping hands clean: Upon entering the gym, all staff and students will be required to either wash their hands (for 20 seconds with soap and water) or use hand sanitizer.  In addition, staff and students will also use hand sanitizer before any upper body or grip obstacle station that will require the use of their hands (hand sanitizer will be located throughout the gym).  Students will also be asked to immediately wash their hands if any staff member notices that they touch their eyes or face.  Chalk bags and buckets are prohibited - we will only allow liquid chalk (which typically has over 70% alcohol content and thus contributes to disinfection) to be used on equipment and liquid chalk will be available in the gym if needed.


Masks and protective equipment:  Coaches and staff will wear masks at all times.  Students will wear masks while on our gym floor but we have built in mask breaks after each obstacle rotation to ensure all of our ninjas are comfortable while also staying active.   Masks will be for sale if needed.  Staff will wear gloves when necessary.    


Water fountains and snacks/lunch: We are restricting the use of water fountains - students are encouraged to bring their own labeled water bottles (we will have bottled water for sale).  Students should bring water bottles in labeled plastic bags and coaches will be responsible for keeping water bottles for students.  During longer sessions we may serve a snack of pretzels (gluten-free options will be available and we ask that students not bring outside food to avoid issues with allergies) or lunch and each student will have a designated spot to enjoy their snack or lunch.


Other health considerations:  All staff members will have a health screening assessment prior to work.  Ninjas will also be required to answer health-related questions prior to training.  Students who feel sick, have a cold, feel fatigued, or have a fever should stay home - under no circumstances should anyone with a temperature over 99 degrees enter the gym.  Students will be asked to be picked up from the gym immediately if any illness is suspected. 

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