NNL Competition FAQs


Competitor check-in will begin 30 minutes prior to the announced age division/wave start times (please refer to the listed run orders for start times) and competitors must be fully checked-in prior to the start of the wave.  Please be sure that you have signed our liability waiver prior to arrival to speed up the check-in process.


A video of the course rules will begin playing 15 minutes prior to the wave start time (it will play multiple times) and a full course walk-through (with time for questions) will begin promptly at the designated start time. 


Walk-ins are welcome and registration may be done “day of” however most of our age divisions are already completely full and spots are not guaranteed (registration closes at 5pm on the Thursday before the competition).  All walk-ins must be fully checked-in prior to the start of the wave and will be placed at the start of each wave’s run order.  We suggest calling prior to arrival to ensure there are still spots available. 


Run orders for each wave are posted on our website here, as well as on our social media platforms.  A video of each age division’s course rules can also be found on our website here, on our social media platforms and on our YouTube channel (it will also be playing for competitors on the day of the competition). 


Parking for competitors will be clearly marked on the day of the competition.  Please first park in the spaces in our dedicated parking lot and the street parking along Irvington Street and Castleton Street (the next street over).  Please do not park in any privately marked parking spaces, as other businesses may tow.  We kindly ask that you limit your group to 1 car to avoid overcrowding and parking issues.


Each competitor may bring 2 spectators for free (exceptions will be made for additional members of larger immediate families – e.g., parents and siblings)!  Tickets for additional spectators may be purchased for $10/spectator upon arrival. 



Redemption time is guaranteed for all Young Adult, Adult and Master age divisions and will be held at the end of the final wave for those age divisions.  Redemption time will be regulated to ensure the structural integrity of the obstacles is not compromised for the following day’s event and for the safety of all competitors.  Redemption time for all other age divisions is at the discretion of time.