Trust us when we say...WE MISS YOU!!  But like any true ninja would, we are overcoming the obstacles in front of us and have developed LIVE virtual class offerings to keep our ninja community engaged and training.  Below is a list and description of our regular weekly at-home programming - each 30 minute session will be conducted via Zoom (simple software download required) and will include lots of exercise and some interactive time at the end. 


You can purchase family membership access to all of our classes for $35/week below.  Booking closes on Monday morning before classes start, please email us to enroll after that! 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Weekly Virtual Programming Calendar

(click on daily offerings for class focus and required equipment)

Virtual Programming Class Description

Noon-time Ninja: Noon-time Ninja is our universal full body fitness workout!  This 12pm daily session requires minimal equipment to keep you strong while training at home - check the calendar listings each day to see any important training videos or equipment requirements.  Every day will have a different muscle group focus and will have options for ninjas at all fitness levels.  We hope the whole family will join in with us as we work our core, “push” muscles, “pull” muscles, legs and more!

At-Home Obstacles: Calling all Stage 1, Stage 2, Sport and Team Ninjas!  Join us every day at 3pm for an at-home obstacle-themed workout geared towards the ninjas in our regular after school classes.  Each session will get in cardio, agility and strength work through fun ninja games, challenges and familiar exercises.  Not sure what this means?  Most of these classes use our newly developed Grit Grid (see below) - if you have some driveway chalk or floor tape then you’ll be good to go, and if you don't then you can follow along without it.

Hangtime with Henry: This specialized workout is all about grip strength and upper body endurance.  Required equipment: pull-up bar, fingerboard or access to other safe hanging area.  Wednesdays at 2pm.


Small Group/Private Sessions:  Book a private training session on your equipment!   Sessions are available during the week at 2pm.  $100/40 minute session.  Search the calendar below or book here!  

The Grit Grid


Simple Instructions to Create Your Own Grit Grid

The Grit Grid is a basic 3 box by 4 box design that will be the basis for many of the exercises that we do in our virtual classes!  To make the Grid, all you need is a measuring tape and some sidewalk chalk (if creating outside) or floor tape (if doing inside).  Please review the pictures posted below as a general guideline, and feel free to reach out to us with any set-up questions.  We practiced at home and made our Grids in less than 10 minutes (and used some simple math and geometry skills in the process).  

As a general rule, please do not make your Grid too close to any walls.  We will be moving a lot in class, and you will want some room to land outside the Grid.  If you don't have enough floor space inside and the weather isn't great outside to be on your driveway, the Grid easily fits into the space of a one-car garage!  

Box dimensions:

Younger/smaller children (up to approximately age 5 or 6) : we recommend boxes that measure 2 feet x 2 feet, for a total area of 6 feet across by 8 feet tall.  If that feels too easy, you can always make them bigger.

Older children: we recommend boxes that measure 3 feet x 3 feet, for a total area of 9 feet across by 12 feet tall.  You will likely not need boxes bigger than this.

Other tips: you can, but do not need to, number and letter your Grid.  Numbering/lettering may make it easier to follow along in the beginning but our coaches will be demonstrating each exercise live and giving very clear directions - just pay attention to their patters and you should be good!

For the agility ladder:

Mark off lines at 1 foot increments on the outside of the Grid for some added agility work.  

If more than one person is participating in class, you can make an agility ladder on both sides of the Grid!