We are now offering private and semi-private use of our facility to accommodate changing needs and schedules for the upcoming school year.  Whether you are full-time homeschooling with your own pod, are home certain days because your school has gone "hybrid" or just prefer to stick with familiar faces for extracurricular activities, we have options to keep your kids active, safe and healthy while in our facility!  Our private pod option allows you to customize your experience with us by choosing your private group of 6-8 children and picking a time that works with your schedule. 


As with all classes run at our facility, we have redesigned our floor to be separated into semi-private areas that allow for exclusive use of certain equipment and obstacles by any given group at a time.  These areas allow individual groups to not only maintain extensive social distance from other groups, but also keep social distance within their own group through the use of clearly marked spaces on the floor.  All equipment is cleaned before and after use by each group and hands are sanitized at the beginning and throughout class.  All staff and ninjas will be wearing masks to keep in line with many school policies, but we make sure to take mask breaks between obstacle rotations so everyone stays comfortable!  These are just a few of the precautions we have taken to maintain the safety of our space - you can read more about our policies and procedures, including the use of masks, health assessments, air purifiers and more, on our Covid-19 Protocols page.      

Customized Options Include​​:

  • Flexible hours

Reserve time for your group during weekday mornings/early afternoon hours (11am-3pm), within our regular "after school" classes (3:45-6pm), or on the weekends.

  • Private or semi-private use of our facility

Semi-private use of our space can accommodate up to 3 different private groups that will remain socially distant and run independently from each other.  Pods interested in joining an "after school" class will be incorporated into the overall structure of the class but will remain socially distant from other groups (as we do with all of our groups).  Completely private use of our facility is available at certain hours and for an additional cost - please inquire for more information.

  • Ninja Class Options

Race through our mini obstacle course stations in our 50-minute Recreational Classes ($37.50) or add on additional higher level instruction in our 75-minute Recreational + Instructional Classes ($50)!  

  • "Ninja Nerds" School Enrichment Program 

Our private back rooms have been reformatted to allow for socially distanced learning because we think learning is cool!  Reserve one of our rooms for up to an additional 90 minutes of individual learning/homework time with our private tutor or ask how we can help facilitate group work or a fun extracurricular ninja STEAM activity!    

Private classes will run in accordance with our regular session policies and will be part of our new monthly membership model which allows for a more flexible commitment, provided that a minimum 2-month commitment is required for all private groups.  A full description of our policies can be found on our Session Dates and Policies page.

Contact us to discuss all possible options!