Our private back rooms have been reformatted to allow for socially distanced learning because we think education is cool!  This school year is going to look very different for many ninjas and we want to help make this transition as smooth as possible.  Whether you are looking for extended academic support or homework help, we have options to help meet your child's needs for the upcoming school year.  

Half-Day "Ninja Nerds" Program

Led by a NYS certified teacher in Early Childhood and Childhood Education (with years of classroom experience) and our amazing ninja coaches, our program has been designed to provide your child with a collaborative and supportive learning environment with our obstacles as their playground!  Your child will benefit from a structured, routine environment that has the appropriate supervision and support necessary for learning.  We know you probably have lots of questions - a brief description of a typical morning can be found below - please also read our detailed FAQs for more information!  


Each session will include a full morning of:  

  • Semi-private instruction to complement your school's remote/e-learning curriculum.  We are fully prepared to accommodate your remote learning schedule and will help your child attend required meetings.  We will also provide additional individualized lesson instruction and support to help them complete additional work.  

  • Additional academic support and enrichment through grade-appropriate "free choice" centers and extension learning with fun ELA and STEAM based projects!  Think science experiments, story-time and read-alouds, social studies projects, art and more!

  • Lots of time for movement and "brain breaks" on our ninja course!

  • Safe socialization with peers!



(drop-off available starting at 8:45am)

Grades K-5 (grouped by grade level)

Fall semester: September 21st-December 18th


(with a 10% discount for multiple day or sibling sign-ups)

Enrollments are semester-long, billed monthly. 

Registration for our Ninja Nerds Program is now available!  Please contact us to sign-up.