Our "Ninja Nerds" academic support program was developed with the goal of supporting children while they navigate a different looking school year by providing a structured and supportive environment that focuses on learning, provides physical activity and promotes social interaction.  When you enroll in our program, your child will be placed into a grade-appropriate "learning pod" (up to 7 children per pod).  During "academic time" your child's pod will use our newly transformed back rooms to engage in both independent and collaborative group education led by an experienced NYS certified teacher who has taught elementary aged children in Westchester county for the past 12 years.  When it's time for "recess" your child's pod will tackle our obstacle course under the supervision of our ninja coaches.  And in all of those moments in between, your child will engage with peers and build community.  While this may not be the year we all imagined, The Grit Ninja is excited to start on this new journey and is here to support each child's academic, physical and social/emotional growth this year!  


Daily Schedule.

Each morning session will develop into a familiar routine for your child that will include synchronous/live lessons, asynchronous school assignments, supplemental extension projects and ninja time. We understand that daily schedules may vary on an individual basis based on teacher/grade/school specific curriculum and schedules.  We are prepared to make all accommodations necessary to ensure your child attends all of their live meetings, completes their work on time and receives plenty of additional and complementary instruction to help them achieve the academic goals you help us set for them each day. 

Synchronous/Live Remote Learning Support and Enrichment.  

With a hybrid curriculum in place for many school districts, we anticipate that "live" synchronous remote learning taught by your child's classroom teacher will comprise a part of each child's morning.  We are prepared to help your child not only successfully attend these sessions but also enrich the lessons they learn from their classroom teacher through additional instruction that our teacher will provide.  She will spend time each day discussing your child's daily lessons, answering follow-up questions, reteaching lessons (if needed) and reinforcing concepts while fresh in your child's mind.  Our group learning setting will be set up to limit distractions from peers but also provide a sense of community that will keep children motivated and in a learning mindset while on a screen. 

Supervision and Completion of Asynchronous and Other School Work.

In addition to synchronous learning, many children will also have asynchronous and other homework that needs to be completed on a daily basis.  Though working independently, our teacher will ensure that your child is doing more than simply "checking the homework box."  While they are working, she will be available to explain assignments, answer questions, assess their understanding of concepts, review their work and provide them with any extra help or motivation they may need in the moment and at the time they are working.

Extension Projects.

In addition to the work your child brings in with them, they will also have time to explore fun age-appropriate learning centers and manipulatives, play games and engage in exciting ELA and STEAM-based projects that will supplement and enrich their classroom curriculum and engage their minds in different ways. 

Ninja Time.

Breaks on our ninja course will be used throughout the morning to give children the necessary time to move their bodies, reset and refocus.  Children will have scheduled time to exercise and take breaks as developmentally appropriate.  For example, our younger groups may need shorter, more frequent breaks throughout the morning while our older groups will enjoy longer stretches of academics and ninja time.  While playing on our obstacles, children will learn new techniques and participate in fun games with our experienced coaches.  

Covid-19 Protocols.

We will follow the same Covid-19 Protocols and take the same precautions we have put in place for our other programs at our facility.  Additional policies will be adopted and/or adjusted if and when we receive additional guidance from local, state or federal government.  More information will be distributed to enrolled families.  



We are asking our Ninja Nerds families to follow the same protocols and guidelines they would follow when deciding whether to keep their children home from school.  If your child is sick, is required to stay home from school or has to quarantine, please keep them home until they have been cleared by a doctor or other relevant authority to return.  We will work with families on an individual basis to find appropriate ways to make up time lost from our program.   


Enrollment and Payment.

Enrollments in our program are for the semester and payment will be made on a monthly basis.  Currently enrolled students will have priority re-enrollment for future semesters.  No refunds will be given once the semester begins.