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A fun competition format where strategy and skill combine for the ultimate ninja experience! 


Grit Games is a monthly tournament where ninjas challenge themselves against the obstacles in order to earn points and qualify for a final championship where special prizes will be awarded to the top ninjas (e.g., open gym vouchers, Grit gear, and a few other surprises we're saving for later)!  This tournament is open to all levels, including those new to competing.  Divisions are available for competitors ages 5-14 years old.


At each monthly competition, ninjas will:

  • compete in 1 timed Course Run

  • participate in Skills Challenges (ex: rope climb, wall runs)

  • have fun during open gym time!  

Monthly qualifiers will be held on:

  • Qualifier 1: February 21st, 2021

  • Qualifier 2: March 21st, 2021    

  • Qualifier 3: April 18th, 2021      

  • Qualifier 4: May 16th, 2021       

  • Championship: June 13, 2021

Age Division Schedule:

  • Ages 5-7: 9am

  • Ages 8-9: 11am

  • Ages 10-11: 2pm

  • Ages 12-14: 4:30pm

(*times are approximate)​


Our scoring system has been developed to ensure that ninjas in the tournament will truly be competing against the obstacles (and not each other) and that there is always a chance at redemption!  Here's how it works: at each monthly qualifier, ninjas will compete in Course Runs and Skills Challenges to earn as many points as they possibly can.  At the end of the four qualifiers, total points will be tallied and those competitors that meet a threshold number will advance to the championship!  Certain advantages will be awarded to those ninjas who earn the most points throughout the qualifying season.  More details to be sent to registered competitors.

Course Runs: As the main event of each qualifier, this is the portion of the competition where ninjas can earn the most points.  During each Course Run, ninjas will earn full points for each obstacle they complete up until they fail an obstacle.  Once a ninja fails to successfully complete an obstacle, they will continue to earn partial points for each remaining obstacle that they complete.  So for example, Competitor 1 completes obstacles 1-6, fails on obstacle 7 and then completes the remaining obstacles 8-10.  Competitor 1 would earn full points for obstacles 1-6, 0 points for obstacle 7 and partial points for obstacles 8-10. 

Point Thrusters: In addition to the regular obstacle points, those ninjas feeling brave will have the opportunity to take extra challenges and earn bonus points ("Point Thrusters") for their efforts!  Point Thrusters will come in the form of additional obstacles and difficult add-ons to already existing obstacles.  For example, if a regular Course Run is 10 obstacles, one Point Thruster may be earned in a bonus 11th obstacle.  Another example would be one obstacle that has two paths to completion - one is easier and the other more challenging.  If you complete the harder route, you would earn a Point Thruster.  Point Thrusters are a great way to make up for otherwise missed points, or to keep adding to your point tally.  But they are not without risk!  


Skills Challenges:  At each Skills Challenge, ninjas can earn a certain number of points based on their individual performance.  For example, during a rope climb ninjas will have 1 minute to climb as high as they can.  1 point will be earned for climbing up to 15 feet, 2 points for climbing 16-25 feet, and 3 points for climbing anywhere above that.   

Perfect Score Qualification:  As a twist, you can also earn yourself an immediate ticket to the championship competition if you receive a "perfect score" during any single qualifier.  That means if you full clear the entire Course Run, collect all of the Point Thrusters and receive the maximum number of points in the Skills Challenge you will be automatically entered! 


Please register your child for the appropriate age division listed below.  Cost for the season is $200, cost for a single competition is $65.  Please contact us to register.

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