Our after school classes are packed with all of the best ninja obstacles and are designed to improve overall agility, balance, strength and coordination.  Ninjas will receive small-group instruction from our professional coaches, who have years of experience coaching ninja and are top ninja athletes themselves - you can even see many of them on past seasons of NBC's show American Ninja Warrior!  


  • Recreational Class (50 minutes)

Ninjas will race through our exciting mini courses and tackle fun challenges with obstacles that change each week!  Obstacles include: warped walls, ring swings, rope climbs, rock wall routes, quad steps, balance courses and SO MUCH MORE.  Classes available for ninjas in pre-k-8th grade. 

$300/8-week session.

  • Instructional Class (75 minutes)

Level up those ninja skills!  An additional 25-minutes of instructional time can be added onto our recreational offerings for those ninjas interested in learning skills for higher level obstacles.  Instructional workshops include: rock climbing skills, lache and upper body swinging skills, parkour and advanced agility work and balance techniques.  Classes available for ninjas in kindergarten-5th grade.    

$400/8-week session.  


  • Ninja Games (45 minutes)

Ninjas will prove their skills through tons of fun games and friendly competitions!  Join us for Warped Wall Knockout, Floor is Lava, Balance Games, Mini Obstacle Course Races and more!  Classes available for ninjas in kindergarten-5th grade. 

$300/8-week session. 

  • Team Grit (Developmental and Competitive)

Our Team Grit practices are available to advanced ninjas who are interested in competing in both local ninja competitions and the National Ninja League.  Classes available for ninjas ages 6+.  Learn more!  

  • Parkour Skills

  • Inclusive Ninja (45 minutes)

Held on Sunday mornings, this class (10 child maximum) is for ninjas of all abilities.  We have worked hard to create an environment that is inclusive, values individualism and allows all ninjas to feel a sense of accomplishment regardless of the starting point.    Taught by one of our coaches with a Masters in Special Education and extensive experience with special needs children, this unique athletic offering will help your child reach their goals and feel success on our ninja course!  Please contact us to register.​ 

$300/8-week session.